How to Maintain an HP laptop battery?

If you have been using your HP laptop for a long time then you might have been facing some power related issues right now. By that we mean the laptop might not be charging to its fullest. If this exactly is the case then we have a bad news for you, your battery is about to give up. But do not worry, better late than never! It is because there are still some ways by which you can maintain an HP laptop Battery.

Our experts of HP Support UK have come up with some tips using which you can not only preserve the battery, but also improve it to some extent. To that end, it is necessary to understand one basic thing: You need to know that the battery has a finite life cycle and it is dependent upon the charging and discharging cycles. Once you are well-versed with them, you can follow the below tips to improve the condition of your power bank.

  • You should not ever put the battery of your laptop in the insulating spaces. This will make sure that heat gets built up inside the component and it can be pretty detrimental to the devices health.
  • Your laptop charges the fastest when the power is turned off. It is not just a fast charging tip, it also helps with removing the intense push and pull of power that happens while you are charging your machine while in use.
  • Make sure that you do you engage in intense gaming while using while on battery power. It can run out pretty quick and that is one half of the charging cycle.
  • Prevent overheating at all costs. To that end, clean the ventilation of the system and make sure that your computer is cleaned on a regular basis.
  • Do not rely solely on battery power, it is kind of counterproductive to the whole portable nature of the laptop but bear with us, minimalist usage of the component will allow it to last longer.

In case you want more ways to preserve the power in your system. You do not have to wonder if there is an HP Technical Support UK. The centre and its experts are available for your aid at all times. If your component is past its due date, we can also provide you with better replacement options as well.


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